Peacock Dual Mirror Compact

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Peacock Dual Mirror Compact by Charles Mallory

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Our Heritage Collection works symmetry and colour into truly majestic patterns that encapsulate historical international relationships with Britain.  This piece is called ‘Peacock’.

The Compact

Each of our compacts is artfully machined from solid brass, finished in gold plate, and richly enameled. Charles Mallory London not only gains inspiration from the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship won by British jewelers in the “Golden Age” of compacts, but in every detail, from the crystal clarity of our mirrors to their subtle, solid clasp, we build upon on it. More info on what makes a Charles Mallory compact so without equal can be found on our Design page.

The Dual Mirror Compact contains two mirrors: a true life magnification in the top face and a 5x magnification mirror on the bottom face for incredible detail. 

The Artwork

A distinguished and remarkable creature, the Peacock was brought to Europe by Alexander the Great after his campaign in the Indian subcontinent. Their resplendent plumage has been used variously to symbolize royalty, vanity, immortality and the Cosmos – the many eyes representing celestial bodies on heaven’s shimmering, mystical background.

The Peacock reminds us to wear our true feathers with pride.

Please see our Artwork page to learn more.

Purchase Includes

  • Peacock Dual Mirror Compact
  • Presentation box
  • Protective travel pouch
  • Artwork Insert Card

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Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x .5 in