Let’s Dance Powder Compact

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‘Let’s Dance’ Powder Compact. 14k engine turned gold, enamel artwork, versatile compartment w/ puff and sifter can be filled with loose or pressed powders. Add a monogram for ultimate personalization.

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The Leyendecker Collection celebrates the legacy of America’s first celebrity illustrator, J.C. Leyendecker, who captured America’s gilded age so perfectly in his art, and embodied its virtues through the courage with which he lived.

The Compact

Each of our compacts is artfully built from solid brass, finished with true engine turned gold plate, and stylishly adorned with rich, carefully curated artwork. Charles Mallory London not only gains inspiration from the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship won by British jewelers in the “Golden Age” of compacts, but in each and every detail we build upon on it. More info on what makes a Charles Mallory compact so without equal can be found on our Design page. 

Charles Mallory Powder Compacts are based on original vintage molds. They can be refilled with any loose powder, and almost all standard sized pressed powders. See our care and use page for sizing details.

Purchases from our website are covered for life by Mr. Mallory’s personal guarantee.

The Artwork

The Arrow Collar Man is one of Leyendecker’s most iconic images, modeled after his muse and  partner, Charles Beach. Portraits of Beach remain the definitive representations of a gentleman of the era, here depicted wonderfully with a lover mid-Waltz. The subtle embrace perfectly captures the stately, refined elegance of that dignified time.

Purchase Includes

  • ‘Let’s Dance’ Powder Compact
  • Your Choice of Presentation box
  • Your Choice of Protective travel pouch 
  • Luxury Sifter & Puff
  • Artwork and Proper Care Insert

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