Cerise Dual Mirror Compact

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Dual Mirror ‘Cerise’ compact, from our Signature Collection. Fully plated in 14k gold with a 5x magnification mirror on the bottom face.


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The Compact

This compact is artfully constructed from solid brass, fully plated with 14k gold, and finished with rich, colorful, carefully curated artwork. Charles Mallory London not only inherits the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship won by British jewelers in the “Golden Age” of compacts, but in every detail we build upon on it.

Add a monogram for complete personalization. More info on what makes a Charles Mallory compact so without equal can be found on our Design page.

The dual mirror compact contains one true magnification mirror, as well as a 5x magnification mirror for impressive detail.

Our compacts are built to last generations, and Charles Mallory personally guarantees all compacts purchased from our website against damage and disrepair for life. Details on our lifetime warranty here.

The Artwork
French for “cherry”, cerise is a strong and calming color. As with the peacock and indeed the compact mirror itself, cherries were first introduced to western Europe by the ancient Greeks. A delicious, high vitamin, even carnal fruit, cherry coloring was often used to dye the lace embellishing Victorian gowns.

Purchase Includes

  • ‘Cerise’ Dual Mirror Compact
  • Presentation box
  • Protective travel pouch
  • Artwork Insert Card

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Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x .5 in