Product Care & Use


To preserve the condition of your compact when not in use, we recommend keeping it inside the protective pouch provided, which will prevent any scratching on the case and preserve the brass finish. Due to the properties of brass, your compact may tarnish over time. To remove this, it can be lightly polished with a microfiber cloth and a small amount of mild soapy water. Abrasive metal cleaner should be avoided as this could damage the compact surface. Do not attempt to submerse your compact in water as this will damage the internal leatherette and the reflective coating behind the mirror. To clean the powder compartment of your powder compact, we firstly advise removing excess powder with a small brush then wiping the area with a moist cloth.

After frequent use of loose powder in your powder compact, the puff and/or sifter may require replacement. You can purchase replacements here.


Our powder compacts are ‘dual powder’ therefore can be used with loose or pressed powder. To provide you with the option of both, our compacts come with a removable sifter.

In both cases you will need to start by removing the sifter. To do so, simply release the clasp on the right of the inner ring and lift. Our easy-lift mechanism will raise the sifter enough so that it can be lifted out.


If you wish to use loose powder, simply pour a small amount of powder into the bottom compartment and place the sifter on top (mesh side down). Take care to ensure the sifter is placed on top of the lever before closing the inner ring to avoid damaging any components. You may consider removing the leatherette before using loose powder, alternatively however, it can be left for presentation purposes.


Our compacts are suitable for powder refills with diameters of 57mm, 64mm, 65mm, 66mm, 67mm. We can recommend the following powder refills; Rimmel Stay Matte, Estee Lauder Lucidity (22oz), Yardley, Max Factor Crème Puff.

To use a 64mm to 67mm sized refill, simply place your chosen pressed powder refill into the bottom compartment. Take care to ensure the dish is placed on top of the lever before closing the inner ring to avoid damaging any components.

To use a 57mm sized powder, keep the sifter in place inside the compact then simply place your refill into the sifter.