Personal Compact Guarantee

Peace of Mind

Our compacts are built to survive the tests of time, but neither high quality materials nor ingenious design can protect your compact from years of loving use or all of life’s hazards. How to ensure your new treasure against a slip of the fingers? an overcurious toddler? What if after decades a hinge gets loosened? or a mirror cracks?

Each of our compacts is covered by Charles Mallory’s personal compact guarantee: a lifetime warranty covering repairs and maintenance, whatever the cause of the damage .

Charles Mallory has spent a lifetime doing business. From horse trading oil tankers to building some of America’s most respected hotels and restaurants, Charles turns notions into empires based on the singularity of his vision and the strength of his word. Other brands are happy to mislead with claims of “unlimited warranty”, but when the time comes to honor that pledge who is responsible? Our lifetime warranty is a personal guarantee from Charles Mallory. It is an unequivocal pledge from the man in charge to his beloved customers that they and their compacts will be attended to royally for life.

Lifetime Warranty Terms

See terms for making a non warranty return on our returns & exchanges page.