Personal Compact Guarantee

Peace of Mind

Our compacts are built to survive the tests of time, but neither high quality materials nor ingenious design can protect your compact from years of loving use or all of life’s hazards. How to ensure your new treasure against a slip of the fingers of an over-curious toddler? What if after decades a hinge loosenes or a mirror cracks?

Each of our compacts is covered by Charles Mallory’s personal compact guarantee: a lifetime warranty covering repairs and maintenance, whatever the cause of the damage .

Charles Mallory has spent a lifetime doing business. From horse trading oil tankers to building some of America’s most respected hotels and restaurants, Charles turns notions into empires based on the singularity of his vision and the strength of his word. Other brands are happy to mislead with claims of “unlimited warranty”, but when the time comes to honor that pledge who is responsible? Our lifetime warranty is a personal guarantee from Charles Mallory. It is an unequivocal pledge from the man in charge to his beloved customers that they and their compacts will be attended to royally for life.

Lifetime Warranty Terms

  • What does the warranty cover?
    • Warranty can be exercised by the purchaser of the compact for their entire lifetime or, if a gift, the receiver.
    • Regular maintenance arising from normal and proper use (as laid out on our product care and use page) will be carried out at your nearest Charles Mallory office for no additional charge.
    • Any and every type of damage not covered above, whether caused by loving use or an act of god, will be repaired at cost.
    • All compacts purchased directly from our website, and all of their constituent parts, both Dual Mirror and Powder, are covered by the warranty.
    • Proof of purchase is not normally required, but we reserve the right to deny warranty claims should we have reason to doubt that the compact was purchased directly from our website.
    • No labor cost will be charged for either repairs or maintenance.
  • How long does the warranty last?
    • Your warranty will be valid for the lifetime of the purchaser.
    • If purchased as a gift, the warranty will be valid for the lifetime of the receiver.
  • What is the process for repairs and exchanges
    • Describe the nature of your issue with someone on our team by sending an email [email protected], or calling your nearest CML headquarters, which can be found on our Contact Us page.
    • We will respond to your request as soon as we are able and, if necessary, seek additional information.
    • You will receive a notice where to send the compact.
    • We will work on the repair and revert when finished (usually less than 4 business days) with instructions for remitting the compact back into your care
    • Guarantor is not liable for the cost of insurance or freight
    • Guarantor is not liable for damages related to carriage.
  • What if I have more questions?
    • Whatever your request we are here at your service. Get in touch with someone on our team by email or phone and we will respond quickly, and work tirelessly to resolve any concern.
  • Charles Mallory reserves the right to void his personal compact guarantee should there arise sufficient evidence to clearly demonstrate that the agreement made in good faith is being taken advantage of, either in spirit or letter.

See terms for making a non warranty return on our returns & exchanges page.