Designed in England

Casablanca Dual Mirror


Design Inspiration

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit” — Aristotle

At Charles Mallory, the search for perfection is not a choice, but instead a deep routed trait that is within all of our designers. We simply wouldn’t enjoy making something with an absence of love, thought and careful detailing.

By taking inspiration from designs built many decades ago, a time when compacts looked their best, and building upon them with our own values, we have created the compact of all compacts. From the contours of the chamfered edge to the pressed lettering in the brass, every component of our compact aims to bring the proud owner back to a triumphant time in British design and engineering.

Adhering to the style of compact from the ‘Golden era’, we have designed a powder equivalent of every mirror compact, perfect for holding solid and loose powders. The intricate spiral pattern that borders our signature mark, is a tribute to the once engine-turned patterns seen on many of the classic 1940’s compacts.

To us, the compact itself is just as important as the artwork it is dressed with, neither is good enough alone.

Build Values

We are proud to say that we’ve taken our attention to detail beyond just the aesthetic values of our compact. There are certain elements to an object that make it feel special in the hand – at Charles Mallory we call these build values.

We’ve incorporated a 3-piece hinge in order to give perfect lid alignment as well as a smooth and resistive motion that will stand the test of time. The hinge restricts the lid opening to 115 degrees, which we feel makes for the most ergonomic position when touching up on the go. We’ve even reunited the compact with some weight by making the brass shell much thicker, adding to that quality feel.

Powder users can say goodbye to tipping their compact upside down to remove their old powder tray. In order to help make the removal of powder dishes and sifters easier, we’ve incorporated a lever that lifts the powder tray or sifter out of its housing.


A key part of our mission is to bring back a manufacturing culture present in all vintage compacts seen today. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t use the same materials.

Every metal component in our compact is made with brass in order provoke nostalgia. We’ve taken the brass to another level by gold plating it, which introduces an element of luxury, but also helps the fight against tarnishing.

Whilst the dual mirror version features a x5 magnified mirror for close-up detailing, powder compact users will enjoy a powder housing lined with a padded leatherette. Your makeup is important, so we feel it ought to sit comfortably in its new, luxurious environment.