Five Fabulous Expressions of Style in Cinematic Composition

The French term, “mise en scene” is used in film to describe the sense or feeling of a scene. The word is an attempt to capture the sum total of a particular scene’s million tiny constituent details. Everything that appears before the camera plays a role: composition, sets, props, lighting, costume and actors. It is […]

The Art of Style

In a world where revenue from fashion apparel outsizes the GDP of most major economies, consumerism and industry pressures may appear, superficially, to drive the changing trends in fashion. Trendsetters establish the standard for the next season, and we scramble to keep up with the latest “thing”. If you have the disposable income then you […]

Craft and Natural Splendor: A Love Letter to William Morris

Renowned Textile Designer William Morris

Look familiar? You may have noticed these prints from our William Morris Collection. Who was he? Morris was one of the most celebrated designers of the 19th century, who changed the arts and crafts movement in the U.K. and revolutionized Victorian tastes. Born into a wealthy middle class family in the London suburb of Walthemstow, […]